Detoxification Options and Programs

Most mind-altering drugs, including alcohol, cause severe, uncomfortable and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms when a person suddenly stops using them.

Individuals who are ready to begin the recovery process from drug and alcohol addiction usually must undergo detox, or medical detoxification, as a first step.

detoxGenerally, detox procedures are offered in an inpatient setting. Residential rehabilitation treatment programs begin with medically supervised detoxification. Administering the detox treatments in the pleasant setting of a medical detox facility helps patients to relax and become accustomed to a drug-free life.

Outpatient procedures to detoxify recovering addicts are available, but outpatient treatment is usually only recommended in cases of mild addiction. Such outpatient procedures involve administering the detox medications in a clinic or office where the patient can be monitored in the event emergency procedures are necessary. Monitoring is also necessary to ensure that patients comply with their detoxification regimens and do not return to use of addictive substances. This is not the recommended course of action in the majority of cases.

Medical detox is the only method of treatment that has been proven effective when it comes to actually preventing the discomfort and possible danger of withdrawal symptoms.

Nevertheless, proper nutrition, exercise, and alternative health preservation techniques such as meditation are very beneficial to helping recovering addicts overcome their struggle with addiction. Once the initial detox procedure is completed, behavioral therapy and intensive counseling are necessary to help patients progress even further toward full recovery.

Complete sustainable recovery from alcohol and drug abuse occurs when addicts no longer feel any need to turn to mind-altering substances to deal with personal issues from which they want to escape.

Recovery is best started with detox that prevents the detrimental effects of abrupt withdrawal from addictive substances, but medical detoxification is only the first step toward breaking the grip of alcohol and drug addiction.

There is time during the process of one’s addiction disease, when they reach a point where he or she is mentally, psychologically, and morally ready to quit. An addict in that state of realization might well attempt to stop drinking or taking drugs, only to find that stopping is physically impossible.

This is not a sign of weakness or lack of willpower; it is simply a result of the way alcohol and many mind-altering substances become habit-forming.

Therefore, alcohol/drug withdrawal and detox programs are so critical to one’s long term sobriety and recovery. These programs are part of an overall, intensive rehabilitation program, treat the physical need for drugs and alcohol by substituting them with safer medications that affect the same neurotransmitters and receptors that alcohol and mind-altering drugs affect. Once the patient is assured that he or she will not suffer physically by avoiding drugs and alcohol, guidance and therapy are provided to deal with the emotional, psychological, and environmental factors that resulted in a need to turn to abuse of alcohol or drugs.


Part of our program incorporates a truly holistic approach and uses lesser-known but equally effective holistic techniques to reduce the effects of opiate, alcohol and drug addictions amongst young adults.


While our goal is always to rely as little as possible on pharmaceuticals, in many cases it is a necessary component in recovery from addiction and can be a tremendous help throughout the process.


One of the pivotal components of our program is the personal approach. Our goal is to help the mind, body as well as spirit cope with the positive changes that we intend to enact in every patient's life.


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Why choose The Farm?

We recognize that every addiction case is different and custom tailor our approach to suit the needs of the individual and the specific type of treatment they require.

Our clinical staff is comprised of experts in their respective fields who have years of experience on their belts. Our staff ensures that support is offered to the families as well as the patients during the entire treatment experience.

Each new patient undergoes an initial assessment which is specifically designed in order to aid in crafting a treatment program for both inpatient therapy as well as long-term care.

Our exclusive treatment programs are comprised of “the 4 elements” approach and are globally recognized due to their outstanding success rates as well as overall program experiences.

The Farm in Stouffville is situated on rural land and is a fully-featured treatment centre featuring 10 beds, modern amenities and both indoor as well as outdoor activities ensuring that leisure time is spent in a welcoming and enriching environment.