Physical dependence is a result of long-term abuse of alcohol and drugs such as opioid pain relievers, heroin, and cocaine. When a patient who suffers from physical dependence is unable to obtain the substances to which he or she has become addicted, neurotransmitters and receivers in the brain are affected as they are accustomed to functioning in a particular way due to the presence of ever-increasing quantities of mind-altering substances. Therefore, unpleasant and dangerous withdrawal symptoms result in the brain sending messages and demanding additional drugs or alcohol, and the substances are not available.
These symptoms range from simple stomach or respiratory discomfort to the increase in heart rate, breathing disturbances, and even dangerous seizures. Therefore, a person who decides to stop using these substances in an attempt to quit on their own "cold turkey" will often fail or even endanger his or her life unless detoxification procedures are initiated to stop withdrawal symptoms.

Private & Semi-Private Rooms

Our luxurious facility offers fully-equipped rooms in both private and semi-private settings.

24hr Medical Supervision

Our skilled and certified personnel will ensure that your loved ones are always supervised during their detox.

Affordable Pricing Programs

Our exclusive medical detox programs start at $4,500 and are in high demand with great success rates.

Additional Coverage Options Available

Special financing and insurance company coverage options are available for qualified clients.

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Traditional medical detox does not actually “detoxify” the body by getting rid of stored poisons. Its aim is to stop the toxic effects of withdrawal by substituting less dangerous and less addictive medications for alcohol and abused drugs.

The medications used for detoxification affect the same parts of the brain that abused substances do, so they answer the brain’s call for additional doses of alcohol or abused drugs without causing the same damage or perpetuating the cycle of tolerance and dependency to the abused substances.

Detoxifying from alcohol and drugs is crucial to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Even when a patient is addicted to both alcohol and drugs, or if addiction to more than one drug is an issue, detox treatments will help overcome withdrawal symptoms so that a person in recovery can begin intensive counseling and rehabilitation in comfort and with a clear mind.

If you or your loved one is ready to quit abusing alcohol or drugs, but needs help overcoming or avoiding withdrawal symptoms, please call our recovery information helpline at 1-877-353-2777. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you find the right program for successful detox and addiction treatment.


Part of our program incorporates a truly holistic approach and uses lesser-known but equally effective holistic techniques to reduce the effects of opiate, alcohol and drug addictions amongst young adults.


While our goal is always to rely as little as possible on pharmaceuticals, in many cases it is a necessary component in recovery from addiction and can be a tremendous help throughout the process.


One of the pivotal components of our program is the personal approach. Our goal is to help the mind, body as well as spirit cope with the positive changes that we intend to enact in every patient's life.


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Why choose The Farm?

We recognize that every addiction case is different and custom tailor our approach to suit the needs of the individual and the specific type of treatment they require.

Our clinical staff is comprised of experts in their respective fields who have years of experience on their belts. Our staff ensures that support is offered to the families as well as the patients during the entire treatment experience.

Each new patient undergoes an initial assessment which is specifically designed in order to aid in crafting a treatment program for both inpatient therapy as well as long-term care.

Our exclusive treatment programs are comprised of “the 4 elements” approach and are globally recognized due to their outstanding success rates as well as overall program experiences.

The Farm in Stouffville is situated on rural land and is a fully-featured treatment centre featuring 10 beds, modern amenities and both indoor as well as outdoor activities ensuring that leisure time is spent in a welcoming and enriching environment.