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Staying motivated during rehab and recovery

Staying sober is one of the hardest things someone can do. It is mind-blowing how choosing to stay drug and alcohol-free leaves such positive effects on our bodies. While most people do not plan to lose their lives to drugs, it happens to many people around us. Motivation, and staying motivated, is something that comes from within, meaning that we have to want to do better and be better people for ourselves, family, friends, etc.

The following is a list of five ways to stay motivated during addiction treatment as well as through your recovery journey:

1. Surround yourself with people that are supportive and encouraging

This may sound obvious, but it is very easy to fall back into old habits if you don’t surround yourself with likeminded, supportive people.  For some people that could mean distancing themselves from family or friends that were either partaking along with you, enabling or lack the overall support you need.

2. Enjoy the benefits of sobriety

There is a lifetime of possibilities to enjoy when you are sober. From enjoying meals, building positive friendships, creating goals for your future and accomplishing them! Every day you can and will experiences things that you would never have been able to appreciate while using drugs or alcohol.

3. Give yourself the opportunity to be flawed

Flaws? Yes – we are all flawed, and will continue to slip and make mistakes. And that is OK. Understanding that nobody is perfect and cannot live a flawless life, will make the tough days seem more bearable, and the good days the best they could ever be.

4. Wear your recovery as a badge of honour not shame

Being in recovery, whether it is your first day or 1000 day, is an honour you should be proud of. Never be ashamed of your journey – it has gotten you to where you are today and for that you should always be thankful.

5. Celebrate being alive

Whether you struggle with addiction or not, everyone should celebrate being alive. Each day we are alive is a gift, and we should not squander it. Make the most out of your days by doing the things you love while being the person you want to be. What is more better than that?

Of course there are many other ways to stay motivated throughout your journey.   And whatever your motivation and reasons – they are yours to own. Be proud of them and use them to power you through the days when giving up seems like the only option.

Check out this video detailing our five ways to stay motivated while in addiction rehab.

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dear dad letter being hand written to alcoholic father

Dear Dad, 

I must have been in denial, I never really saw the signs. But regardless of what I did or didn’t see, alcohol was quickly and surely taking over your life. Looking back I wish I did so much more to help you; to help mom. Even though I was an adult, she protected me from knowing what was really going on with you. A few moments she let a detail or two slip that made me wonder, but that was about as far as it got. 

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