Throughout my 40 years as an addiction and rehab counsellor, I've come to know many wonderful people and have had the opportunity to learn just as much as I've taught. With over 1,000 successful rehabilitated patients to date, I feel it is my purpose to help as many individuals as possible. Every second of every day of my life is devoted to helping those who seek my experienced assistance.

While working with my patients, regardless of age, addiction type or severity – my first goal is always to build faith; faith in me, faith in my treatment programs and faith in my expert staff. Without faith – nothing is possible, however when faith exists, the body, mind and spirit are able to transcend many obstacles that may have otherwise seemed insurmountable.

With open arms, I welcome all those in need of counselling and drug and alcohol addiction treatment to The Farm in Stouffville. Please rest assured that you or your loved one are in capable hands. Our proven treatment programs will help rebuild what may seem to be broken, find what may seem to be lost and recreate the faith that is necessary for harmony, health and happiness in our ever-turbulent lives.

Thank you in advance for your attention, your trust and your patronage,