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Drug and alcohol addiction is treated very seriously at The Farm in Stouffville. We are completely committed to your addiction treatment recovery success, which is why we treat and formulate plans for each of our patients on an individual basis and do not provide a blanket approach to any of our recovery programs. 

Our holistic approach of intertwining the four elements of mind, emotions, spirit into our treatment program will help to ensure that all aspects required for addiction recovery are met within each program. 

 The Farm Rehab’s team of experienced and professional addiction specialists understand the struggles of active addiction and are here to assist you throughout your recovery journey both within our in-patient program as well as for years to come as you continue to live your new, drug free life. 

Our comprehensive residential program is 31-days; however, we understand that not everyone’s treatment journey is the same. We offer extensions to the program for those that require it.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse or alcohol abuse, contact The Farm Rehab, one of the GTA’s most sought-after in-patient addiction treatment centres at 1-877-353-2777.


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Addiction Treatment in Ontario

The Farm in Stouffville offers personalized treatment programs

Our GTA-area in-patient rehab facility is always here to assist and support you throughout your addiction and recovery journey. Contact us today to learn more about addiction treatment at The Farm in Stouffville.

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