Choosing a residential rehab facility

13 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Residential Rehab Facility


Not all residential addiction rehab facilities are the same.  Knowing what to look for in a quality treatment centre can make all the difference in overcoming an addiction.

With the rise in addiction treatment fraud and rehab centre scams over the past few years, researching potential treatment facilities has never been so important.  Being prepared to ask the right questions and learning as much as possible about the individual services and treatment options available, will help ensure an informed decision.

Don’t take a gamble on addiction treatment, get educated.  Here are 13 questions to ask when choosing a residential rehab facility.

1. What is the treatment philosophy of the rehab facility?

When researching prospective rehab centres, it’s important to make sure that the addiction treatment offered is credible and incorporates industry-recognized methodologies.  Patients should look for a rehab that’s treatment philosophy is in line with their own personal requirements, values, and expectations.  Ask the facility their specific methods of treatment, how they view addiction, and how they define success.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we use a holistic approach to industry-leading treatment methods designed to address the root cause of a patient’s addiction and rebuild their mind, body and spirit.  We rely on evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioural therapy, medication-assisted treatment, motivational enhancement therapy, group therapy, mindfulness, meditation, health and fitness training, and family counseling.


2. Does the program offer personalized addiction treatment based on a patient’s medical, psychological, spiritual, social, and health and wellness issues?

Each patient’s addiction, and treatment needs are unique.  Look for a rehab facility that offers personalized treatment options based on specific needs and addiction issues. Treating patients in a holistic manner, addressing mental, physical, and spiritual health, creates a greater chance for a successful recovery.

At The Farm in Stouffville, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific psychological history, current medical and addiction issues, and existing treatment needs.  Patients benefit from one-on-one care from our interdisciplinary team of accredited addiction counselors, psychotherapists , physicians, nurses, behavioural therapists, and health and wellness specialists.  We’re committed to working with each patient to ensure that all aspects of addiction, mental health and recovery are addressed.


3. What credentials and licenses does the facility’s clinical staff hold?

Staff credentials and licenses ensure the rehab facility is providing treatment based on nationally and internationally recognized standards for professional practice.

At The Farm in Stouffville, our interdisciplinary care team consists of fully licensed addiction counselors, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, behavioural therapists, family therapists, and wellness specialists.


4. What is the patient-to-staff ratio?

Rehab facilities with a low patient-to-staff ratio guarantee that patients receive the personalized care and focused attention they need for a successful recovery.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we maintain a very low 1:1 patient-to-staff ratio for maximum personal attention and specialized one-on-one care.


5. How long is the treatment program?

Addiction treatment programs vary in length from two weeks to 30 days, or up to 6 months, depending on the facility.  The recommended duration for addiction treatment is based on the patient’s individual assessment and needs.  Should a patient require addition treatment after the initial program duration, many rehab facilities will offer program extensions.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we recognize that every patient’s addiction is different, and their treatment needs will decide the duration of the recovery program recommended.  Each new patient to The Farm undergoes an initial assessment to determine the severity of their addiction and the necessary treatment plan they’ll require for a successful recovery.  Our inpatient programs are typically 30 to 90 days in length with additional aftercare services available to program graduates.


6. Is the rehabilitation centre located in a safe environment? 

The environment in which the rehab facility is located can make a significant difference in a patient’s recovery.  The best facilities are located in a safe and secure environment, free of any outside influences or distractions that could lead to patients to relapse.  Look for a rehab centre that is a comfortable place in which to thrive, an environment that ensures patients don’t feel institutionalized or marginalized, a facility that promotes dignity and respect.  A rehab facility built for success will bring about the best in an individual.

 At The Farm in Stouffville, our comfortably appointed facility is located in the rolling, wooded acres of Stouffville, Ontario.  Our rural, secluded location offers a tranquil and serene retreat for patients focused on a life-long commitment to recovery45 minutes outside the major metropolitan city of Toronto, The Farm makes accommodating out-of-province or international patients; and family visits, easy.


7. Is medically supervised detox offered as a part of inpatient treatment?

Many residential rehab facilities will not accept patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Patients looking to be admitted for treatment must be sober for at least 48-72 hours.  If self-induced sobriety or hospitalized detox treatment is not a viable option before entering rehab, look for a treatment facility that offers medically-supervised detox.

At The Farm in Stouffville, patients must arrive to the facility sober for at least 48 hours.  Patients will be drug tested and a breathalyser will be administered as part of the admissions process.  Detox facilities are not available onsite.  For patients struggling with the required abstinence, The Farm can help provide the assistance needed to complete the initial detox.


8. How often is one-on-one therapy provided?

The value of one-on-one time with a licensed psychologist who specializes in addiction recovery can not be over stated.  Group therapy sessions can be extremely beneficial in the treatment process, but individual counseling is vital to exploring each patient’s personal struggle with addiction.  It’s recommended that rehab facilities hold at lease three individual one-on-one therapy sessions with each patient per week.  Rehabs that limit personal psychotherapy sessions to once a week or only offer group treatment, are risking the success of patient recovery.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we believe that individual one-on-one psychotherapy, in hand with other adjunct addiction counselling, provides the best basis for recovery.  Patients receiving treatment at The Farm benefit from five one-on-one personal therapy sessions per week.  Our personalized approach to addiction counselling makes us an industry leader.


9. Is 24-hour care provided?

Rehab facilities must provide around-the-clock medical care in case of emergency or patient distress.

At The Farm in Stouffville, staff addiction counselors and medical staff are available onsite 24/7 for patient care.  Our interdisciplinary team of accredited addiction counsellors, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, and behavioural therapists are all experienced in crisis management and are well-trained in case of emergency.


10. Does this program teach life skills that support sober living?

No matter how well a patient responds to addiction therapy, their chance of maintaining sobriety once they leave a rehab facility are slim without learning new life skills.  Patients with addiction issues need to build life skills that will help them manage the unavoidable triggers that can lead to relapse.  A quality rehab facility will ensure life skills training is a key component of each patient’s treatment.

At The Farm in Stouffville, our patients’ continued sobriety and successful recovery after treatment is our #1 priority. To prepare our patients for life after treatment, we empower them with the tools and life skills they need to better manage the stress, anxiety and social pressures of day-to-day life.  Our life skills training includes: goal setting; healthy living and self care; problem solving and coping tools; introspection; relationship management; and positive communication skills.


11. What programs are in place for ongoing support after leaving treatment?

Rehab is just the first step in the journey to life-long recovery.  A patient’s aftercare is a necessary and integral part of addiction treatment.  Whether it’s participation in an addiction support group, private addiction counselling, alumni meetings, service opportunities, wellness retreats, or workshops, continued engagement with addiction services will increase a patient’s chances of a successful recovery.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we offer a wide range of aftercare services to help patients continue their recovery.  Private therapy and addiction counselling is available to all our graduates as is our popular Alumni Program, a weekly support group meeting held at The Farm. Our Alumni Program is designed as a platform for former patients to share the learning and wisdom they have acquired during their recovery with our current patients.  Championed by our talented addiction counsellors, alumni meetings encourage honest discussion of struggle and the fear surrounding life after rehab.  Alumni meetings are a chance for patients to ask questions of their peers, develop a positive support system, and bring a bit of normalcy to their week.  Additional aftercare services for patients of The Farm and their families can be provided or sourced based on individual need.


12. What kind of support is offered for the families of patients?

Family support services should be an essential requirement of any addiction treatment facility.  Addiction affects not just the patient but their family as well.  The recovery process is a time for families to heal.  Offering family support group programs, counselling, and visitations allows families the opportunity to learn the strategies they need to create a healthy support system for the patient’s ongoing recovery.  

At The Farm in Stouffville, we offer extensive family support services including our weekly Family Program where loved ones are encouraged to meet with our therapists, ask questions, and share with other families their personal stories of struggle and success.  The Family Program is open to patients’ spouses, parents, siblings and children, over the age of 16. Personal family counselling sessions are also available, and loved ones are invited to visit each Sunday for Family Day.


13. Do you accept insurance?

Quality rehab facilities can be a significant expense.  While most rehab centres will accept private insurance, there are a few that do not.  And some insurance coverage plans will only cover a portion of an addiction treatment program.  Look for a rehab centre that provides assistance navigating the complexities of insurance and can offer financing options to cover any outstanding payment balance.

At The Farm in Stouffville, we help patients determine the best payment option based on their financial means.  We offer assistance with financing alternatives and provide streamlined support for insurance claims.


For more information about The Farm in Stouffville and our treatment programs, or to schedule a tour of our facilities, give us a call at 1-877-353-2777.