In-Patient vs Out-Patient

What’s A Better Fit For You?

Deciding to put drug and alcohol use behind you can be a challenging and overwhelming experience.  The process usually begins with a detox program. Now remember… staying clean is the hard part! After detox, you must choose between in-patient vs out-patient programs. Both approaches are extremely beneficial but require a significant commitment in order to STAY clean.


On the in-patient side, treatment typically takes place in our 5-star ranch-style residential facility. The individual stays in the facility for the duration of their treatment. While there, they participate in a range of therapies, such as…

Group therapy

Family therapy



Holistic therapy

Outdoor therapy

In-patient rehab is essentially a full-time job until program completion. Most programs run from approximately one month to three months.


On the out-patient side of in-patient vs out-patient, you do not live in our facility during treatment. Instead, you’re able to live in your own home and attend scheduled meetings or individual counselling sessions. Depending on your precise circumstances, you may continue with your regular schedule, such as work or school.

Since out-patient rehab offers far more access to drugs or alcohol; blood, urine and breathalyzer tests are quite common. You may also be required to meet privately with a doctor to receive medications for mental health or to help manage your withdrawal symptoms. Out-patient programs also provide a wide selection of resources for the individual, which may require additional decision making. As a result, the person must have strong determination and always be striving for optimum results.

In-patient vs Out-patient – Which Approach Is Better For You?

Both in-patient and out-patient approaches offer benefits and drawbacks.

In-patient treatments limit the external stressors and access to drugs and alcohol. Patients receive a range of resources such as intensive treatment, access to trained support staff, and medical monitoring. All the above resources are right at your fingertips, so individuals are encouraged to take full advantage while at the centre.

On the downside, in-patient programs cost more directly and indirectly. The program itself comes with a higher price tag and because of the “live-in” style, the individual is unable to work throughout the program.

In addition, you will have less access to your outside support network. Family and friends receive very limited opportunities to visit during your stay.

A benefit of out-patient programs is the lower cost paired with the potential to keep working. You also see your support network on a regular basis, which is highly beneficial and required for ease throughout the program.

The drawbacks of out-patient programs are very serious. You cannot leave your stressors behind. Avoiding drugs and alcohol is difficult. Both of those factors increase the odds that you may relapse.

You are also farther away from medical care if your withdrawal symptoms become life-threatening.

Making the Choice

When making the choice, you should give strong preference to the recommendation of your doctor or a mental health expert. They are in the best position to understand your needs and circumstances. Beyond that, you must consider your own personal and financial circumstances.

Do not leave drugs or alcohol in the driver’s seat of your life. You can take back control with help from a rehab program like those at The Farm! Give us a call at 1 877-353-2777 to find out more information on our program options and book your free assessment with our Clinical Director!

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