When you make the decision that today is going to be the day, what goes through your mind? Are you scared, excited, worried, confused? The answer is probably very simply – YES! Yes, you feel scared; Yes, you are excited; Yes, you are worried; and Yes, you are confused. And that is normal. Making the decision to stop using and to get the help you need to get sober is a huge, lifelong commitment; to say you didn’t have all of the feelings would be a little untrue. Actually, having these feelings can help you, as they show just how much you really want to be on this journey, and know how important it actually is.

Excuses to not get sober

Have you been thinking about getting sober, but haven’t really been able to take that final step? What is holding you back? The five of the most common reasons we have heard to not get sober are:

  • “I won’t be able to stay sober, so why bother trying?”
  • “Being sober will be so boring.”
  • “All of my friends drink and they aren’t alcoholics.”
  • “I don’t want people to see me as an addict or alcoholic.”
  • “I can’t afford treatment.”

Reasons you NEED to be sober

These are not reasons to not get sober, they are excuses. Excuses are easy to make, but if you are serious about your health and your desire to get sober, you won’t be making excuses anymore – you will be coming up with actual reasons why you NEED to get sober. Everyone’s reasons are different as each person’s story is unique; however, some of the more common reasons people decide that they need to get sober include:

  • “If I don’t get sober, I will die. I want to live.”
  • “I am not only doing this for myself, I am doing this for my kids and family.”
  • “I want to feel happy and good about myself.”
  • “Using has ruined my life. I deserve better and am better than my addiction.”
  • “I have spent way too much money using.”

Stop making excuses and start making reasons. Today is a great day to make the biggest decision of your life. It will be scary and hard, but the work and effort you put into it, will make all the difference in the long run. The Farm Rehab is here to help once you are done making excuses. Contact us today to learn about our addiction treatment programs and how they can help change your life for good.