Sober Halloween fun

woman dressed as vampire ready to celebrate a sober halloween

Sober Halloween? Yes it is possible! Gone are the days where Halloween was just about getting dressed up and partying the night away. Now that you are in recovery and working everyday to maintain your sobriety, it is important to find new ways to celebrate different holidays as they come up throughout the year – and Halloween is no exception!

Get together with like-minded friends and give out candy 

There is something special about the smile of kids getting candy on Halloween night! Take a step back in time to remember what it felt like to be a kid trick or treating – but this time be on the giving end of the candy. And the best part is that you get to choose the candy you give out and keep the leftovers to enjoy for weeks to come!


Pumpkin carving

Nobody is ever too old to carve pumpkins. Throw a pumpkin carving party to help celebrate the season. To make it even more fun, plan some special prizes for the scariest, most creative designs. Don’t forget that pumpkin carving is the first step to roasting pumpkin seeds. Be sure to separate those seeds after you are finished carving so that you can enjoy a healthy, yummy snack. Here is a great recipe to easy roasted pumpkin seeds


Costumes aren’t just for kids!

You can most definitely have a sober Halloween while in costume. Plan a party where everyone must come in costume and bring their favourite snack. Not only will you have a great night with friends, you will also have lots of yummy treats and dishes to snack on. 


Plan a spooky outing 

Many communities (or neighbouring communities) have pre-planned ghost walks and haunted houses. Grab a friend or family member and venture out for the evening.

Scary movie marathon

Pop some popcorn and bunker down for the night with some scary movies! From the classic, must-watch to new horror movies, there are so many to choose from that your night will be filled with scare after cinematic scare. 

If you are struggling this Halloween with addiction contact us today at The Farm Rehab – we are always here to help.