Summertime sobriety

group of women outside in the summer

Summer is in full swing. The sun is hot, beaches are packed and backyard party invitations are endless. But with most invitations comes the popular phrase: BYOB. Last summer that would not have been a problem, after all you were the life of the party and always had a full cooler at the ready. This summer is a little different now that you have chosen a different path – a sober path. 

Being in recovery does not mean your summer vacation and get togethers with friends have to be a bore. You may actually come to realize that parties are actually more fun when you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To ensure that you can continue to live your life, in the healthiest and safest way possible, here are just some tips:

Bring backup

If there isn’t anyone at the party you are going to that knows about or understands your choices for sobriety, you may want to consider bringing someone to lean on that does. Having a supportive friend close by can help take the pressure off to “just have one” and to be true who you are today.   

friends having dinner outsideBring your own party drinks

You will more than likely be offered a drink when you are out at one of your many social gatherings, and a lot of party hosts don’t take no so easily. By choosing to bring your own drinks, you can easily brush off the offer to have a beer or glass of wine.  A great way to beat the summer heat is packing a cooler with some chilled cans of flavoured sparkling water – they are refreshing and flavourful. Plus if someone sees you holding a drink in your hand, they will be less likely to try to pressure you into taking one of their’s.

Don’t get caught off guard

If you are going to be at a party with colleagues, new friends or acquaintances, you may not want to have to explain to them why you are not drinking. It is nobody’s business why you are making this choice, but nonetheless, the question may arise. Knowing how to react and what you are going to say is best, so that you can control the conversation and gain confidence while doing so. 

Pick and choose your parties

Now that you are living an alcohol-free lifestyle, choosing to go to a party where you know your old drinking buddies will be, may not be in your best interest. If you are even in the slightest unsure of how you will feel or react being around your old friends, it probably isn’t worth the risk. 

Host your own party

If all else fails, host your own party. By hosting your own party, you can control whether alcohol will be served or not, leaving you to be able to relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. 

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