The 4Cs of Addiction 

addiction is a disease

Addiction is a disease. It causes an overwhelming urge to do something that feels  almost impossible to control or stop. Regardless of what the addiction is to, be it illicit drugs, prescription pills, alcohol, smoking or gambling, everyone who has an addiction struggles with the same four factors: craving, compulsion, control and consequences, also referred to as the 4Cs of addiction. These four factors differentiate an addiction from other neurological disorders as the driving force. 

Craving of the drug of choice 

Having an uncontrolled craving to use is a driving factor for addicts. Unlike a pregnancy craving or craving a cold drink on a hot, summer day, addicts struggle with the physical need to use on a regular basis. And if the craving is not met? Withdrawals can occur, which can have negative effects on the body. 


Compulsion to use

The definition of the word “compulsion” is an irresistible and persistent impulse to perform an act. For an addict, the compulsion is using; no ifs, ands or buts about it.  What began as a random act, can quickly become compulsive, should the disease be allowed to take over. When not using, an addict can feel physically sick or irritable, and suffer with anxiety or depression. For the addict, the only way to solve this problem is to continue to use. 


Loss of control 

What might start off as a once a week activity or a promise to yourself or a loved one to only have a couple of drinks, can quickly turn into an everyday occurrence or regularly  drinking in excess. Initially the addict may see the problem for what it is, but the longer this cycle continues, the harder it is to regain control. 


Ignoring known consequences of continued use

For the majority of us, our moral code tells us to stop doing something if we know it will have negative consequences; however, for struggling addicts, knowing the consequences, and sometimes even suffering through them, is not enough to stop using. Some common consequences can include work issues, financial crisis, unnecessary and increased amount of conflicts, hospital visits, jail time and even death. 


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