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Questions About Addiction Rehab at The Farm

Making the decision to enter into an in-patient recovery program is a very important one and can come with many questions. At The Farm in Stouffville, we welcome any and all questions as we want to ensure you have as much information as possible. The following are just some of the most common questions we receive;

How much does treatment cost? And do you offer financing options?

Please contact our office at The Farm in Stouffville to discuss the treatment cost. We do have financing options available. Our phone number is 1-877-353-2777 or 905-203-2777 to discuss further. 

Does third-party health insurance cover addiction treatment?

More and more insurance providers are starting to see the need for offering addiction treatment coverage through their extended healthcare plans. This information and the rate of coverage does vary depending on your plan. Should you require any assistance, we will happily provide you with any documentation required to provide to your insurance company. 

How long are your treatment programs?

Our comprehensive residential addiction treatment program is 31-days; however, we understand that not everyone’s addiction treatment journey is the same. We offer extensions based on each individual’s needs. 

What does the daily schedule look like?

At The Farm each day begins with meditation and goals. The remainder of a typical day consists of multiple structured group sessions throughout, recreational therapy (gym or yoga), expressive therapies and leisure opportunities in between. The structured group sessions throughout the day/ week include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psycho-educational groups, process group, boundaries and anger management. Each individual is also provided a minimum of 4-5 individual therapy sessions throughout each week. Patients are also given the opportunity to join a weekly alumni session as an introduction to our alumni program and alumni “Family.”

What should I pack?

Be sure to pack enough comfortable clothes for 7 days (we do provide laundry service once a week). Please do not bring any fragrance products as we are a fragrance sensitive facility (due to allergies).

Summer: light pants, shorts, t-shirts, sunhat or baseball cap, socks, light sweater or hoodie, etc… (clothing must cover midsection completely and have an appropriate neckline for all residents)

Winter: Long pants/tights, long sleeve shirts, hoodies/sweaters, warm socks, toque, mittens, scarf, winter jacket, boots, etc…

  • Exercise clothing and gym appropriate shoes;
  • Comfortable, seasonally appropriate footwear: outdoor shoes, indoor shoes, and slippers;
  • Appropriate sleepwear and robe
  • Seasonally appropriate outerwear (winter coat, rain jacket, etc.)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, liquid body wash, lotion, shaving supplies, hair dryer) * All products must be sealed in original packaging. No products containing alcohol will be allowed, i.e., mouthwash*
  • Hobby items such as knitting, sketchbook and pencils, etc. (Please no exercise equipment, we have yoga mats if you require.)
  • Any prescribed medications (if applicable) are to be in original bottle(s). All over the counter items must be sealed in the original packaging
  • Bring in medical insurance for prescription drugs (if applicable)
  • Driver’s license, health card (OHIP), and insurance card. 
  • If you smoke, please bring enough cigarettes for 30 days. Vapes (tobacco only) are acceptable, be prepared to insert a new cartridge (must be sealed). The Farm does not purchase cigarettes or e-juice for any patients. *We do not allow any type of chewing tobacco, hand-rolled cigarettes, or pipes (Nicotine gum or patches are acceptable)
  • MP3 players or kindles that do not have a camera, audio recording or Bluetooth capability.
  • Photo ID
  • Health Card and extended benefits card (if applicable);
  • All prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements within their original packaging. These will be distributed by our nursing staff as directed/ needed;
  • A list of all medications with prescribed doses from your pharmacy.
What items cannot be brought into the facility?
  • Outside food or drink including juices, soda, candy, or chewing gum will NOT be allowed;
  • Cell phones, Apple watches, any other smart watches, computers, tablets, DVD players or other electronics that have the capability to record images and audio will NOT be allowed;
  • Tanning oil, hand sanitizers, self-tanner, hair dye, bleaching products, or other chemical or alcohol based personal grooming products will NOT be allowed;
  • We are a fragrance sensitive facility, any scented products (perfumes, colognes, candles etc.) will not be permitted due to allergies;
  • Any weapons or replica weapons.

Can I drop off items for a loved one during their stay at The Farm in Stouffville?

Yes, you can drop off items for your loved one attending our in-patient program. This can be done by contacting our main office and scheduling a time during our regular business hours.

Contact us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 1-877-353-2777 or 905-203-2777.

Can I visit my loved one during treatment?

We do not permit visitors at The Farm in Stouffville. This is to ensure each patient remains focused on their recovery during their stay.  Please contact us at 1-877-353-2777 should you have any questions regarding this. 

Is this program geared to a specific drug of choice (DOC)

No; however, each program is individually designed to suit each person’s needs. Our programs can be extended to individuals looking for support from any substance; such as, benzodiazepines, alcohol, methamphetamines, cannabis, opiates, hallucinogens, etc.

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