How to ask for help to get sober

woman asking for help with addiction

One of the most difficult things for someone to do that is struggling with addiction is to ask for help to get sober. Understanding and accepting you are struggling with addiction is never easy, so much so it is also the reason that so many continue using.  However, if you are at the point where you know you need the help, there are many different ways that you can reach out to get the help you need and deserve.

1. Get the words out anyway you can

For some of us, coming out and saying the words “I need help,” is extremely difficult; however, this should not stop you from getting the help you want. If saying the words out loud is not an option for you at this point in your journey, but are still ready to take that leap, write it out. This can be done simply and to the point by just writing that you need help with your addiction, or you can prepare a letter or email to truly express yourself.

2. Speak to your doctor

Your family doctor or a medical expert can provide you with the assistance you need to get sober. Not only will they listen to you, they will also have the resources available to give you the best options for your personal situation. Doctors see patients for all sorts of medical concerns, addiction being one of them. Don’t worry about holding back anything from them, they are professionals and more than likely, have heard it all before!

3. Confide in someone that you trust

At this point of your life, this may sound more difficult than it really is; however, if you truly look deep, there may just be someone in your life that you can turn to. This person will not only appreciate you confiding in them, but most likely will have been waiting for this moment as well.

4. Contact an addiction treatment centre

Speaking to an addiction treatment expert, may help put you at ease when discussing your needs and asking for help. Not only have these people seen and understand what you are going through, many are also in recovery as well, so they can relate to your concerns. This can be done easily online or by phone so to keep another barrier of anonymity, until you are comfortable telling more personal information.


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