Managing your addiction cravings

addiction craving

Unsolicited and unexpected cravings are par for the course when you are struggling with addiction. Much like craving a sugary treat when dieting, restricting yourself from something you would normally have will almost always result in cravings. It is, however, how you manage them, that will make all the difference. To assist you on difficult days, we have compiled some of our most tried and true ways to manage your addiction cravings.

  1. Distraction

    When you feel the overpowering urge of needing to use or have just one drink, it is the perfect time to dive into something that requires all of your attention. Whether it be exercising, going for a drive, listening to your favourite music (and of course singing along as loud as you can!) or trying out a new recipe, finding something that will not only distract you physically but mentally as well is best.

  2. Talk to someone who understands

    Talking about your cravings can help you understand and work through those hard and intense feelings: how you’re feeling, why you think you need it, how you think you will both benefit and especially how much the behaviour can negatively impact your life. Also by talking about how you are feeling, you are taking back control over your emotions and the cravings.

  3. Remind yourself you have been through and gotten through worse

    A craving is not easy to manage; however, neither is making the decision to get sober in the first place. When a craving arises, take a minute to remind yourself how hard it was to take that first step and to really remember why you are actively working on your sobriety. For some, reliving your worst days is less traumatic once in recovery, but more powerful and encouraging.

  4. Breathe

    Yes, we know, breathing is always mentioned whenever you are trying to handle a stressful situation. But there is good reason for this – it works! By focusing on slow, deep breathing, you will be able to better focus and control the onset of your addiction cravings. Click here for some breathing techniques that help with anxiety.

  5. Replace the craving with something healthier

    Pretty much anything is healthier than using drugs and alcohol. By finding something that you can go to in place of using, you will be able to take control back from the cravings.

At the end of the day, coping with addiction cravings is not easy and should never be taken lightly. If you require any additional assistance, please contact your healthcare provider for support.

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