We offer our services out of devotion to aiding in the battle against substance abuse and never solicit testimonials or reviews. Moreover, our privacy policy prohibits us from neither publicly nor privately disclosing the names or other identifiable details of our patients to the general public. As such, we are able to display a few testimonials below that have been voluntarily left by our patients but with strict anonymity.

After taking my son to 5 different therapists for his troubled behaviour; I was referred to Yonah Budd. His unorthodox approach and clear definition of goals for my son greatly appealed to me. Learning that my son needs to feel empowered to get there is what is best for my son, not what I, or any other family member thinks is best. This is no easy task for a mother who has been working to find the right answers for her son for five years; and not involving him in any of the decision-making. Yonah’s guidance and support have provided the tools I need to allow progress for my son and our family dynamics. And not only does Yonah know how to speak to the parents; he connects with the kids like no adult I have ever seen.   We are still working towards a positive outcome with Yonah but I finally see the light ahead for my son.

I would highly recommend Yonah Budd as a counsellor for any family that is struggling with their teenage kids; no matter how severe the situation. Yonah’s vision transcends any pre-conceived ideas or standard ideas around therapy.

I met the saving graces in Yonah Budd four months before the inevitable desolation of being a long time addict took me down. I was an IV drug user and wanted to stop but it seemed the most insurmountable of tasks.  Heroin had a certain lingering glamour and I had felt alienated by the world and my soul was drifting faster and faster to the dark side. I didn’t want to share my story which I had heard was a way to get clean; I believed it did not matter to anyone. In fact I never believed I would be free of this burden. In the back of my mind I kept Yonah close at heart, there was something about him, maybe his candor, his Jewishness, his psychic understanding of the difficulties and hardships I was experiencing, his staunch authenticity, his raw courage – all combined to activate my own road in defeating the evil inclinations of drug abuse and somehow I had survived over two decades of perdition before our magic encounter. Finally when I could take no more, when there was no light in my eyes and inches away from death, I reached out and called Yonah and told him the gig was up; that I was hopeless and desperate and ready to seek help. He was at my door within 20 minutes and posed this very profound question, ‘Do you want to live or die?’ It was that simple, here was someone that I felt out of harm’s way with, that for a split second got through to me enough to let him guide my whole being back to safety.  The work was just beginning, but for the first time I had hope. There was a way out from the pain and suffering. I have been clean and sober ever since and finally have a chance to make something of my life. I am truly grateful for Yonah taking charge when he did, or I would not be here to share my story and take action ‘on my own’ while living the miracle of recovery.

I was very fortunate to be connected to Yonah Budd through a friend who happen to meet him at an event and was fascinated by his work with teens. I have three teenagers (now 18, 16 and 14). My oldest child’s behaviour changed drastically from grade 10 to grade 11. The behaviour evolved from being quiet, easy going and trustworthy to defiant, angry and untrustworthy. It came to our attention, that there was drinking and drug experimentation. Our communication became closed. My spouse and I had been speaking with a few counselors and even had our child assessed by a psychiatrist with little to no effect on improving our relationship. We felt terrified and helpless until we connected with Yonah. He immediately connected not only with us but more importantly with our child. He intuitively and compassionately connects with the teenage brain and the struggles associated with being an adolescent regardless of the family dynamic or socio-economic status. Our teen felt an alignment with Yonah who expertly mediated the issues and effectively developed strategies for our family. Within weeks, the behaviour began to change. Our teen felt heard and respected and responded with less self-destructive behaviour and more responsible choices. Teens typically turn to their peer group with problems and issues (whether it involves school, peers or family). Having Yonah involved and aligned allowed for our teen to have an adult advocate who could identify and was trustworthy. He not only met with all of us but kept in touch with our teen regularly through text. We are so very grateful to have been helped by Yonah. He also met proactively with our other two teens who now feel connected.   He has been the voice of reason in an emotionally charged situation. I would highly endorse his services.

I was on the brink of hopelessness and disaster. It seemed to happen so quickly, but somehow I had fallen into an abyss of drugs, living the  destructive lifestyle that accompanies opiate addiction. Eventually my demons caught up with me and I only barely survived a life-threatening experience. As a closet drug addict I had nobody to turn to for help or guidance.

It was a miracle that Yonah found me when he did. He helped me on the path to recovery from start to finish, first guiding me through the stages of withdrawal and later teaching me crucial skills necessary for a drug-free life.  There was never a moment when I couldn’t pick up the phone, call Yonah, and discuss my feelings, cravings, or whatever else was troubling me at the moment. The program Yonah created for me was, at times difficult, yet the results I was able to achieve with his assistance are truly extraordinary. I now wake up every morning feeling that I have a second chance at life. I can look at the beauty of the world without the haze of drugs that threatened to destroy everything.

Yonah is a mentor, a teacher and also a great friend. He was there for me every step of the way on my path to a drug free life. Obviously recovery from addiction is never easy, but Yonah made the process possible through  his expert guidance and genuine concern. Yonah saved my life and I will be forever grateful.


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