The Farm in Stouffville addiction treatment centre treats every day as if it is our grand opening and every client as if they are our first. We work to bring families closer, to restore lives and to be proactive, positive members of our local and global communities.


The Farm has a truly illustrious history with an extensive track record and over 1,000 successful addiction treatment rehabilitations. While the current exclusive facility opened its doors in 2015, founder, Yonah Budd has been actively helping those in need for over 40 years. With four decades of experience as a rehab worker and counsellor, Mr. Budd has honed his skills as a well-respected, established and proven practitioner coaching and rehabilitating young adults with tremendous success.

Unique addiction treatment program

With a primary focus on opiate-based addictions as well as alcohol, prescription and recreational drug use, Mr. Budd has facilitated the development of a truly unique addiction treatment program, aptly named Transitions, which has proven to efficiently re-establish the ideals of mind, body and spirit within patients and aid them in removing the dependence they initially feel towards their substance of choice.

Exclusive Facility

Our luxurious, exclusive facility overlooks the vast hills of Stouffville, Ontario, in a secluded and serene setting. Ten beds are available within the complex in semi-private rooms offering participants the ability to maintain privacy while in treatment. With the latest in furnishings and amenities, participants will instantly feel at ease within the complex and be able to focus solely on their recovery.


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Why choose The Farm?

We recognize that every addiction case is different and custom tailor our approach to suit the needs of the individual and the specific type of treatment they require.

Our clinical staff is comprised of experts in their respective fields who have years of experience on their belts. Our staff ensures that support is offered to the families as well as the patients during the entire treatment experience.

Each new patient undergoes an initial assessment which is specifically designed in order to aid in crafting a treatment program for both inpatient therapy as well as long-term care.

Our exclusive treatment programs are comprised of “the 4 elements” approach and are globally recognized due to their outstanding success rates as well as overall program experiences.

The Farm in Stouffville is situated on rural land and is a fully-featured treatment centre featuring 10 beds, modern amenities and both indoor as well as outdoor activities ensuring that leisure time is spent in a welcoming and enriching environment.