The four elements of mind, emotions, spirit and body are intertwined within our program and help ensure that all aspects of recovery are covered during the first 30 days within our facility. Our treatment approach is unique in that our luxuriously-appointed 10-bed facility offers a 1:1 employee-to-patient ratio maximizing time and leveraging countless decades of therapeutic experience.


Medical services include medical assessment, withdrawal management monitored by trained medical personnel, medication management (including medications for co-existing medical conditions) and ongoing monitoring throughout a client’s stay. Furthermore, medical assessment helps create a comprehensive treatment plan.


Rehab services include a provisional diagnosis and therapy. All clients are seen within one week of admission by our specialists. The rehab diagnosis forms the basis of the treatment plan which is critical in ensuring that clients are treated for issues.


These therapies work to integrate mind and body for personal healing and growth. These therapies provide clients with alternative ways to deal with deal with anxiety not only so they can deal with the rigours of addiction treatment but also after returning to their home communities.


Recreational services are an important part of a healthy lifestyle that encourages not only physical health but social health as well. Participation in recreation is also an important part of developing a long-term recovery plan that helps replace the hours spent consuming drugs and alcohol.


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Why choose The Farm?

We recognize that every addiction case is different and custom tailor our approach to suit the needs of the individual and the specific type of treatment they require.

Our clinical staff is comprised of experts in their respective fields who have years of experience on their belts. Our staff ensures that support is offered to the families as well as the patients during the entire treatment experience.

Each new patient undergoes an initial assessment which is specifically designed in order to aid in crafting a treatment program for both inpatient therapy as well as long-term care.

Our exclusive treatment programs are comprised of “the 4 elements” approach and are globally recognized due to their outstanding success rates as well as overall program experiences.

The Farm in Stouffville is situated on rural land and is a fully-featured treatment centre featuring 10 beds, modern amenities and both indoor as well as outdoor activities ensuring that leisure time is spent in a welcoming and enriching environment.